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Our staff is very familiar with “the American Way”, including weather, sports & current events. Often call centers in Asia are all too easy to identify due to cultural boundaries. Our agents enjoy seamless interactions with customers located in the United States.

There is no need to “lose a day” because of different time zones. This is a clear benefit in regards to travel, but even more so for the daily communication with the contact center. Our local management team is there and available during U.S. working hours. Plus, considering a short flight and the resort climate, you won't have to twist any arms for sending your team on this business trip!


Our quality initiative is designed to keep our project running smoothly and our clients happy.

Quality Assurance – Our QA department personnel is a group of seasoned veterans in the contact center industry. They monitor live calls from the floor in real-time and score each representative on a number of client-defined factors. Since each call we make or take is digitally recorded, they can review and score representatives based on a history of calls.

Our process dictates that scores are sent directly to supervisors within minutes of each call to highlight both skills and opportunities for improvement. Our supervisors are trained to provide real-time coaching so those issues are addressed within minutes – not days. Floor supervisors generally have a minimum of 2 years of call center experience and a background in leadership. Depending on the project requirements, we generally keep a 1 - 15 floor supervisor to representative ratio. Supervisors spend 90% of their time on the floor with representatives doing real- time coaching.

Our Project Managers come with an average of over 5 years of industry experience. After an intense training program to acclimate our management team, we put them on the floor and get their experience to work.


Professional Call Solutions enjoys an extremely low agent turnover rate . Why? Because Professional Call Solutions believes in servant-leadership. We offer excellent medical benefits and a clean, professional work environment. Company incentives include resort weekends for top performance, attendance and QA ratings; picnics and other events for team building. This allows us to be extremely selective and hold our associates account- able to high levels of expectations.


The fastest growing segment in American business is found within Hispanic Consumers. Hispanic buying power is increasing at a rate of 118% and currently is rated at $630 billion dollars. The U.S. government reports that over 12.5% of the population is Hispanic or Latino.

Considering that huge opportunity, wouldn't it make sense to make those customers as comfortable as possible? Our agents are fluent in English & Spanish. Our clients agree that this has been a huge advantage in providing exceptional customer service and closing more sales.


Whether it's our high-tech servers or fully web-enabled seats, we are committed to utilizing the best technology available to serve our client's needs.

Professional Call Solutions focuses on utilizing technology specifically as a tool to enable a powerful customer interaction environment. Although technology plays an important role in an effective model, we realize that it should not exceed solid human interaction. We utilize a strategic balance of technology and human communications to ensure strong results. We strive to become a powerful “behind the scenes” partner with each and every client.

We maintain a robust technology platform featuring Cisco hardware throughout our network. Cisco is considered by many as the most reliable providers of switches, routers and voice gateways.

We have multiple carriers and excess network bandwidth for reliability and to meet the growing network needs of our clients. Our centers are 100% fiber optics from the call center through to the United States.

Our network has been built in redundancy to maintain 100% uptime and we maintain our own source of power in the event of a power outage.

Call Center Outsourcing
We offer a full compliment of call center services to meet our clients’ needs. Our services include:
Inbound and Outbound Solutions
Customer service
Technical and IT support
Market research
Blended environments
Standard and customized ACD reports
Customized IVR capabilities
Remote Live monitoring capabilities
100% of calls are recorded
Multilingual support (12 languages)
People & Processes
Low Turnover
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